The OA Hour of Power phone meetings take place Monday thru Friday at 1 pm Eastern Time and Saturday at 11 am Easten Time.

Real Time/Live Meeting: 712-432-5200, Access Code 956915#
Recorded Meeting: 712-432-5203, Access Code 956915#

(Note: The recorded playback can be paused and resumed by toggling *1. It can be fast forwarded by pressing *6 and rewound by pressing *4).

Monday thru Friday Meetings

During the OA Hour of Power Monday thru Friday meetings, we read and discuss the books “Alcoholics Anonymous”, also known as the “Big Book”, and “Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps and 12 Traditions”. A free copy of either book can be viewed online or downloaded from the Alcoholics Anonymous website at

Participation Instructions

If you would like to volunteer when we need a reader, please press *1 to unmute your phone, pause to make sure that no one else is speaking, and then ask to read. After you have been recognized and you have read a paragraph or two, you may either share on what was read or pass so that someone else may share. When you are finished sharing please say “pass” and press *1 to mute your phone. The only phone that remains unmuted is the moderator’s. This ensures a quiet line and clear recording. Everyone is welcome to share on what was just read. We stay on topic by only sharing on what was read. This is not a discussion meeting. We stick to singleness of purpose and avoid confusion by identifying ourselves as compulsive overeaters only. We keep the focus on recovery from compulsive overeating by having a spiritual experience. We treat each other with dignity and respect and do not interrupt others. The moderator has the obligation of making sure that everyone stays on topic and respects the meeting format. When the meeting is over, the moderator will stop the recording and at that time everyone is free to offer comments, ask questions. If you would like to have a sponsor from the OA HOP fellowship please contact us via email at; providing your contact information. Callers may leave their contact numbers at the end of the call after the recorder has been turned off but we don’t ask for individual’s contact information.

Saturday Meetings

The format for the Saturday meeting is a Newcomer’s meeting with an emphasis on the first 3 Steps. The Saturday speakers are members of the Hour of Power Fellowship that have recently completed the 12 steps and have had a spiritual experience and have recovered. As part of their recovery, they share their experience, strength and hope and sponsor others who want and need this program. The Saturday’s meeting format does not include caller sharing. When the meeting is over, however, the moderator will stop the recording and at that time everyone is free to offer comments and ask questions.

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